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EASY as 1-2-3: Just (1)tell us what you want, (2) tell us when you need it, and you are (3)DONE! It really is that easy with DAOSbiz. We will promptly send you information and pricing. If you place an order, we will promptly send you a proof. Upon final proof approval, we will begin production, and your order will be delivered on-time. We take care of everything from start to finish - you don't have to babysit us.

DAOSbiz specializes in developing, improving or simply enhancing the image and function of small businesses and organizations through professional Graphic Design, Printing and Promotional Items. We really can put your logo or message on just about anything. But as a "One-Stop-Shop", we can assist you with just about anything else as well. We offer all this at the personal level too…you don’t need to be a business to benefit from DAOSbiz.

We can do it all for you, or just the parts you can't do yourself - and always within your budget and timeframe.

We are a perfect mix of "old-school" customer service and modern technology. We get to know you, and we remember you and your projects, because you will always be interacting with David or Oscar, who truly cares.

Best in Town

printing, graphics, promo items

Human Interaction

always interact with David or Oscar


see samples before you buy

One-Stop Shopping

we offer it all

Fast Service

always on time

Great Prices

get the most for your money


"I'm the promotionals guru.  I'm out and about, interacting with clients all the time - we usually end up talking about life as much as business.

I'm a hugger, so watch out!

I volunteer at the Community Clinic, where I became a medical assistant to be more useful.  I also teach diabetes classes there.

Cooking from scratch, reading, crosswords, spirituality and positive energy are my interests."


"I'm the design and printing guy.  I work behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly.

I love the challenge of coming up with unique, effective designs for each client.  Improving upon existing designs is a blast.  And I have a weird obsession with forms. 

Gardening, home improvement and coding are my hobbies." (btw, I do our website, so let me know what you like and don't like.) 


Jack the Shop Dog

Jack, the shop dog

Jack is our rescue dog from Houston Cocker Rescue.  He loves toys and treats!

Matilda the Shop Cat

Matilda, the shop cat

Matilda just showed up as a kitten, never left, and turned us into cat people.

DAOSbiz is convenient.

We are always open online, but the official office hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, and closed weekends and major holidays. Special appointments are available if necessary.

You can order by email, website or phone anytime. We try our best to work within your busy schedule.

We are willing to work with most types of computer files. In most cases, we can work with whatever you design on your own.

We keep your projects on file for many years, so just contact us if you ever need anything relative to one of your projects for a reorder.

DAOSbiz is friendly, comfortable and sincere.

Whether you order 1 or 1000, whether you are “blue-collar” or “white collar”, whether you speak English or Spanish, your business is important to us.

We will work within your means…why get more than you need or can afford? You don’t need to be a big business to look like a big business.

DAOSbiz is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

At DAOSbiz, we care about what we do…your satisfaction is our success, and repeat business is our ultimate goal.

The owners, David and/or Oscar, are at the store everyday to ensure top-quality service - everyday. They’ve been doing this for a long time, and they know how to do it right.

DAOSbiz is current.

We utilize the latest Adobe design software for all our in-house work, but we also keep other popular software on hand so that we can work with and print just about anything you bring to us.

DAOSbiz is reliable.

At DAOSbiz, every project must be proofed by the customer. We want you to know exactly what you are getting…no surprises.

We keep samples of your orders on file to help match reorders as closely as possible.

When we commit to a due date or time, we will do everything within our means to keep it. We will let you know beforehand if a due date is not possible.

DAOSbiz offers GREEN alternatives.

Recycled Paper - Just about anything you order with regular paper, you can have made with a recycled paper alternative, all the way up to 100% recycled content.

Post-Consumer PET - PET is one of the most common consumer plastics used. Post-Consumer PET can be recycled into a range of products that would otherwise be made of polyester. Shopping Bags are a common use of this. 

Organic Fabric - Shirts, Bags, Hats, etc. can be made from 100% organic cotton.

Recycled Plastic - Most Promotional Items made from plastic offer a recycled plastic alternative.

Plastic Made from Corn - This plastic is just like the real thing, except it's made from 100% renewable resources.

Earth Friendly (GREEN) alternatives usually cost more than traditional options, but doing something beneficial for the environment will make you feel really good! We feel really good when we recycle or reuse our waste-paper & paper trimmings or when we reuse boxes & packaging.

How DAOSbiz Began

It all began when David and Oscar started helping a friend with a news magazine in their spare time. This exposed them to graphic design and the printing industry. The news magazine eventually became a full time job for Oscar. Then as a twist of fate, David's mother needed help with her small business. For fun, David and Oscar designed her logo, business cards, business forms, etc. They developed her business plan, marketing plan, website and newsletter. They redesigned her workspaces. They upgraded her computer system and computerized her bookkeeping. The new image, focus and efficiency were an astounding success. Her sales doubled the first year!

Not only were they good at this, but they thoroughly enjoyed it. So they combined their talents and passions to make marketing solutions and business services more feasible, affordable and available to small businesses in particular. 

Their first “real” job was a flyer for Sherwin Williams. They first worked out of a spare room at David’s condo. A year later they moved the business to a 150-square-foot office space in the back of a print shop. A year-and-a-half after that, they took the plunge and rented a large store-front and purchases a bunch of printing and bindery equipment and evolved into the one-stop marketing solutions shop that DAOSbiz is today

What does DAOS mean?

DAOSbiz is named after David and Oscar. (DAOS is short for DAvid and OScar, and BIZ is short for all the business services we offer.) DAOS is pronounced with a long "A" and a long "O".


DAOSbiz first operated out of a spare room in David’s condo.


DAOSbiz moved to a 150-square-foot office space in the back of a print shop.


DAOSbiz moved to a large store-front space along I-45 and added Printing and Bindery equipment.


DAOSbiz added equipment to produce Signage in-house.


DAOSbiz expanded by 50% at its current location.


DAOSbiz added a bigger, better and faster printer.


DAOSbiz added equipment to produce Screen Printing in-house


DAOSbiz added equipment to produce Embroidery in-house.


DAOSbiz moved to a better location in The Woodlands Town Center and expanded further.


DAOSbiz finished renovating their new location.


DAOSbiz welcomes Jack, our rescued Cocker Spaniel - at the shop everyday!


DAOSbiz adds online payment processing, enhances online ordering.


DAOSbiz goes 100% mobile, we no longer needed a physical storefront.


DAOSbiz enhances online shopping and ordering.


DAOSbiz focuses on content marketing with videos, product spotlights, blogs and case studies

2020 & Beyond...

COVID-19 made 2020 a very unique year for everyone. But DAOSbiz is still here offering all the same great services!

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