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DAOSbiz offers all levels of design services, for any budget - simply REQUEST A QUOTE or CONTACT us with what you are wanting.

LOGOS - from $125

A basic logo based on simple text or fonts will start at $125. Our standard logo design starts at $395 which will give you a basic custom design. A more design intensive logo may start at $595.

We often provide at least 3 logo versions and as many revisions as necessary. Logos are designed as 1-color or 2-color. We do not recommend full color logos because they are often very expensive to reproduce and in many cases (other than printing on paper), full color is not available.

Final price will depend on complexity, number of revisions, and total time spent on the logo.

When everything is finalize and paid, we provide by email the following file types that should cover all your needs: eps, pdf, jpg, png, wmf.  Additional file types may cost extra.

Further manipulation of finalized logos for specific applications may cost extra.


For truely professional results, you need a logo created with "vector artwork". If you do not have a vectorized version of your logo, we can do it for you. Simply submit your existing logo file to us, we will analyze it and determine a price.


Sometimes you may only need us to isolate, extract and provide logo files from existing artwork. 


Custom Graphic Design fees will depend on complexity, number of revisions, and total time spent on the design. The minimum charge for any Graphic Design, no matter how simple, is $45.  Most Graphic Design will be more than $45.


Social media graphics can become very time consuming, and you don't want them to get sloppy. We have lots of experience in this area. Each graphic will be the correct size for every device and application (nothing will be cut off or hard to read at a glance). Each graphic will look professional with quality layouts, graphics, animations, copy, etc. Each graphic will be most effective with branding consistency and optimum frequency.


Typesetting is the most basic form of design. It is simply laying out "copy" or text in a way that looks professional and/or properly fills up the allotted space. It does not include working with graphics or special effects to the text. Most projects include both Typesetting AND Graphic Design. The minimum charge for Typesetting, no matter how simple, is $25.

CLEAN-UP ARTWORK - requires a quote

We can clean-up your existing artwork if it is pixelated, dated, or just needs a fresh, professional facelift.  Let us take a look and offer some advice to get your artwork perfect.


Corporate Identity is a general term which means to establish a consistent look and brand for your business. That can include any one of the above, or all of the above, depending on what you want.

From the basics which may include Logo Design and Graphic Design for Business Cards for example, to the complete package which may include Logo, Business Cards, Forms, Stickers, Promo Items, Letterhead, Envelopes, Postcards and a Website, all centered around "your look" or your branding or your Corporate Identity, we can assist you.

We prefer to quote Corporate Identity projects on an individual basis because they are always very customized.

WEBSITE DESIGN - requires a quote

DAOSbiz can offer assistance with your website template. From simple graphics like a favicon, to more complex graphics to plug into your template, to complete concepts/prototypes to help streamline the template experience, we can help.

Nowadays, truly custom website design has become more of a luxury, requiring big budgets, because FREE website templates are available everywhere. But those free website templates can be very frustrating. Template interfaces have a learning curve and the customization is always very limited for the average user.  That's where we can help!

We are experienced with html, css and javascript, the tools and skills necessary to truly customize any template.

We prefer to quote website projects on an individual basis because they are always very customized, starting as low as $25 for a favicon or monthly updates.

Who Needs Graphic Design?

Creative use of color, layout, typography, photos, and illustration can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your project. Good design can help create a favorable impression that makes you and/or your company and its products stand out in the crowd.

We can improve the look and effectiveness of your projects through good design practices from years of experience.

We are skilled at creating attention-getting brochures, sell sheets, booklets, manuals, newsletters etc. We also specialize in the creation of business forms and all types of workplace documents.

We will work within your budget. No matter what your budget, our design work will look professional.

DAOSbiz offers all levels of design services, for any budget. We can do the searching for you and find the best price - simply CONTACT us with what you are wanting.

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